Industry Solutions
Every enterprise, utility, and agency has its own unique requirements for wireless networking. Although many industries have similar connectivity needs, Sology recognizes the importance of creating customized solutions for each of its customers. We pride ourselves on our broad range of satisfied customers, ranging from private enterprise clients to large public-sector agencies. Ask us about references from customers for your specific industry.
Industries we cover:
Wireless Service Providers

We work directly with the national wireless providers to upgrade and expand their services. See our Services page for a summary of the range of our services.

A wireless service provider needs to upgrade its network in a given location. (Mobile data traffic is expected to double annually.) Sology works with leading wireless service providers to upgrade and expand their services to new areas and meet the growing demands of a wireless world. We help them:

  • Upgrade their sites to support the latest wireless technologies
  • Install new Small Cell sites to improve coverage in dense areas
  • Build out new cell sites to support providers’ wireless growth plans