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Effective and efficient response to emergencies requires effective communications, which Sology defines as communicating or delivering the right information to the right individual(s) at the right time no matter what communication device is being used. We've found that leveraging the IP network can significantly improve communications and collaboration among first responders and emergency personnel. Technologies such as IPICS (IP Interoperability Collaboration System) can increase situational awareness and improve real-time communications among disparate communication platforms such as land mobile radio systems (two-way radio), call boxes, videoconferencing, and computer-aided dispatch (CAD).
It is crucial to minimize the time between detection of an incident and the response by first responders and safety and security personnel. Improving situational awareness has become the universal challenge, and the driver for deploying next-generation safety and security technologies. Sology offers its customers technology planning as a foundation for building an Integrated Safety and Security Platform (ISSP) to consolidate disparate security systems into a centrally controlled management platform. Video surveillance, sensors, access control, intrusion detection, incident management, and analytics are all key components.
When an emergency occurs, rapid alerting and notification are critical, sometimes even meaning the difference between life and death. Sology recognizes that leveraging network-centric mass notification systems is the most efficient way to communicate to the masses. Sology looks at all end points as potential means of alerting the target audience in a crisis: IP phones, digital signage, cellular phones, social media, etc. We work with the customer to align the customer’s policies and processes with all available technologies for mass notification.

A system is only as good as the support, maintenance, and documentation behind it. The products and technologies denoted above enable us to provide our customers with the following core services:

Network Assessment


Project Management

Technology Integration


Technology/Process Alignment

Maintenance and Support


Sology Solutions is a HUB Vendor offering safety and security products at a discounted rate to Texas governmental and public educational entities.  Below is information regarding our DIR contract along with a price listing link.

    Company Name: Sology LLC
    Vendor ID Number: 1262044766900
    Contract Number: DIR-SDD-1856
    DIR Overview
    DIR Price List

    LIMITED WARRANTY ON SALES: In the event that any equipment becomes defective, or in the event any repairs are required, Sology agrees to make all repairs and replacement of parts without costs to the Customer for a period of thirty (30) days
    from installation completion date. Sology reserves the option to either replace or repair the equipment, and reserves the right to substitute materials of equal quality at time of replacement, or to use reconditioned parts in fulfillment of this warranty. 
This warranty
does not include batteries, damage by lightning, electrical surge, wire or foil breaks. Sology is not the manufacturer of the equipment and other than Sology’s limited warranty Customer agrees to look exclusively to the manufacturer 
    of the equipment and other than Sology’s limited warranty Customer agrees to look exclusively to the manufacturer of the equipment for repairs under its warranty coverage if any.
    RETURN/CANCELLATION POLICY:  Equipment and material cannot be returned once shipped from Sology’s distribution source.  If a customer needs to   cancel an order prior to shipment a 25% restocking fee applies. For any orders containing   
    technical services that are cancelled, a 15% cancellation fee will be applied. 

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Our Approach
As an Advanced Network Integrator we view your safety and security needs holistically, emphasizing products and services that leverage the network. Click here to read more about our approach to the safety and security process.