Industry Solutions
 Although many industries have similar needs when it comes to safety and security, Sology recognizes the importance of creating customized solutions for each of its customers. Sology prides itself on its broad range of satisfied customers from Philadelphia to Las Vegas, ranging from private enterprise clients to large public sector agencies. Ask us about references from customers for your specific Industry.
Industries we cover:

Educational Services

Both segments of this critical market, K-12 and Higher Education, face increasing safety and security issues as institutions large and small endeavor to protect our most important asset – our children.


The K-12 market represents a wide range of education facilities that includes public and private elementary, secondary, and high schools. Security risk tends to be more prevalent at the high schools, but some middle and elementary schools also require security systems. In the high schools in particular, there might be a higher level of implementation of security systems in urban areas as compared to suburban and rural areas.

The main risk that is addressed in the K-12 market is intrusion. These schools rely on video and electronic access control systems focused on entryways, hallways and the cafeteria. As the grade level increases, so does the number of cameras used. This is influenced not only by the school size (elementary schools are typically smaller than middle schools; middle schools are typically smaller than high schools), but also by the increased risk of vandalism and deviant behavior as children grow towards adulthood.

Higher Education

The larger the school campus, the more complex its security requirements. Video surveillance and access control are the two core integrated systems.

Video surveillance is needed to protect the facilities and the students. Access control systems, especially in student housing, are needed to control who gains admittance into the building. Often this involves a combination of a card access system and video. Schools also have video cameras in hallways and rely on higher-megapixel cameras to better identify people.

Mass notification systems are also an essential consideration, as evidenced by the Virginia Tech and Northern Illinois University shootings in 2007. Most colleges and universities are implementing a text messaging mass notification system.